Meet Hannah: MWM's first custom collab.

hannah artist.JPG

Meet Hannah.  Hannah loves to draw and has quite the gallery of impressive pieces at home.

hannah art.JPG

My sister sent me this picture of Hannah’s recent creation that inspired my first Milkweed and Mango custom collaboration!  I had Hannah’s heart drawing printed on Spoonflower’s organic cotton knit fabric and worked with the artist herself to create this amazing dress!

Hannah was so excited and did not want to take the dress off!  She received so many compliments on the dress when she wore it out and was able to proudly say it was her own artwork!!

hannah custom.jpg

These are the moments I live for!! There’s something incredible about a child’s imagination and creativity!  Innocent and unaltered by the real world’s dictation of what’s possible and not!  I love joining forces with a child's amazing mind to make their ideas happen-- as simple as picking a fabric of something fun that they like or actually working with them to design a fabric of their very own!