How it all started


Potty Training.  This is probably not where you would expect me to start my journey with Milkweed and Mango. 

To gear my 2-year-old up for the challenge I asked what kind of underwear she wanted to buy.  “I want dinosaur and dragon underwear!”  My response?  “Great!  That will be impossible to find”.   

My daughter has a wild imagination that does not conform to normal ideas of what little girls should like, and this is honestly one of her most lovable qualities.  Since the demands of my little creative director were not being met with traditional stores, I did what every sensible mother would do and I made them myself!

That's what we do here at Milkweed and Mango: Deliver quality organic handmade-to-order products that help your kids express their own personality!

Our fabrics will always be fun, unique, and sensible but if your own little creative directors at home are requesting things that no one else has thought of yet, let us know! We'd be happy to create a special order for you!