Jeet Jet? - Its a 'Burgh Thing!

If you are not from the Pittsburgh area then you probably did not understand the title of this blog post.  Allow me to translate from my native language of Pittsburghese... Jeet Jet simply means "Did you eat yet?"  This is a common question to hear shouted from one friend to another while taking a stroll down East Carson Street which may result in a trip to the original Primanti Bro's in the Strip for a famous sandwich complete with fries and coleslaw in it. 

Pittsburgh Eats Art Print.jpg

Typical Burgh food is not only delicious, but it has become embedded into the DNA of who we are as a city and culture.  Many memories have been made and traditions have been built over these items which is why when I first laid eyes on this awesome Pittsburgh Eats Art Print by ErinSunshineArt, I knew that I had to make this print for my children.  The great news is that they love it... so much so that I decided to launch an entire Pittsburgh Eats clothing line.  These items are the perfect gift for the little yinzer in your life too.

Here is a breakdown of each item in case you are not familiar:

  • Perogi: A traditional Polish dish, pasta dough filled with potato and cheese, onion or sauerkraut.
  • Primanti Bro's Sandwich: Sandwich with fries and coleslaw in it.
  • Heinz Ketchup: The only ketchup we recognize.
  • Pickles: Specifically of the Heinz brand.
  • Smiley Cookie: From a local family restaurant that literally makes you smile - Eat'n'Park!
  • Saris Candies: Chocolates and ice cream originating in Canonsburg