Custom Creations

I love joining forces with a child's amazing mind to make their ideas happen-- whether it's as simple as picking a fabric of something fun that they like or actually working with them to design a fabric of their very own!



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How it works

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1. Put the artist to work

Or, if your child is like mine they probably already have several master pieces hanging around the house.  If not, don't forget to remind them to color on paper and not on their siblings!

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2. Send us the photo

Email us at: or send us a direct message on instagram/facebook.

Our partner (Spoonflower) will digitally print the photo onto the fabric of your choosing using water-based pigment inks and dyes, with very little waste.  This is great news for those who may have sensitive skin.  Not only will the item be made with 100% Organic Cotton, but the water based inks and dyes are non-toxic!

The photo does NOT need to be high definition.  You can snap a photo with your phone and text it to me!


3. Choose your Item

Shirt... Dress... Leggings...

I can work directly with your child (or yourself if it's a surprise) through email, video chat, or even meeting in person to pick out an item they will love!  This is my favorite part of the process because children have fun and unique ideas which are innocent and unaltered by the real world’s dictation of what’s possible and not! 

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4. Experience the Joy

Your child will be so excited and proud to have an item of clothing displaying their artwork.  Getting them dressed will be easy and the compliments they receive will be a huge confidence boost.