Coordinating Cousins


Matching or coordinating outfits are getting more and more difficult as the youngest generation of my family now span a large age range.  From preteen to baby, it would be almost impossible to find a way to coordinate everyone.  I realize that MWM features styles which are mostly for the young ones, but the best part of being 100% customized is that I am not limited!  This year I worked on 1 new piece, the spaghetti strap tank top and also made the Bayla Skort which worked out perfectly for the 2 oldest cousins: 

One other new design is the one piece jumpsuit.  My daughter absolutely loved the design and it was SO EASY!  I was a little worried about her being able to make it to the potty on time but she had no issues.  This also comes with a snap option for the younger ones.  

P.S. These cousins were doing back flips over their new outfits!!