Ways to Customize: Business Branding

with Milkweed & Mango and the Pittsburgh Midwife Center

I am so excited about the recent collaboration with the Midwife Center in Pittsburgh. These sweet bodysuits that boast their logo are a perfect showcase of how a company can  use our custom creations as a marketing tool! While supplies last, fans of the midwife center can purchase these bodysuits at the midwife center and the entire purchase price will be used by the midwife center to help live out their mission of promoting wellness by providing exceptional, client-centered primary gynecological, pregnancy and birthing care.

The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh holds a special place in my heart, both of my children were delivered in the care of this staff. It is the place that cared for me, educated me, and prepared me for becoming a mother. Their amazing staff filled with wonderful women allowed me to take on so many obstacles of being a new mother with confidence. This center has recently earned the title of the largest free standing midwife center in the nation and I could not be more proud to be a supporter.

Every mother, newborn, and family deserve to have the best birthing experience for their individual needs. Recent studies have confirmed that birth center clients experience better outcomes, and the maternity care system as a whole experiences lower costs. (Check it out here!) Birthing with a midwife can mean freedom to labor and birth in different positions, hydrotherapy during labor, immediate skin-to-skin care and delayed cord clamping , homemade breakfast and rest for the family in the comfort of a birth suite, and SO MUCH MORE. I am in no way saying that using a midwife is best for everyone, but I can assure you that it was best for my family, and all families deserve the right to choose their method. If you have any questions about my birthing experience I would love to chat!